Our “Fellowship and Small Groups” structures provide opportunities for quality Bible study, opportunities to connect with others, and a meaningful group of friends to provide care for each other.

Studies show that people who join a church’s small group ministry are 78% more likely to be around after a year … which means that if you don’t join a group that there is only a 22% chance that you will be around after a year.

Why is this? Simply because God has designed us for community! Recognizing this, our “Fellowship and Small Groups” seek to accomplish the goal of building solid relationships around a foundation of significant Bible study.

Our Bible Study Groups utilize two different teaching methods.

1. Our Foundations and children classes are on a bible based curriculum. Sometimes they follow along, a week behind, in the passage preached the week before. As we read through the Bible as a church this year, this method really aids in retention and encourages discussion of the passages we are reading through as families and preaching through as a faith family. Other times, specific books of the Bible are studied in detail to improve understanding and to support the building of an individual’s Christian character.

2. Our senior adult classes utilize denominational literature with a Sunday School “quarterly” to aid in weekly study. This is a “tried and true” method found in many Baptist churches.